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this has been in my drafts since forever lolololololol

Btw, I know nothing about the source material nor watched any of the adaptations before this jdrama version. Soooooooo yeah.

spoiler spoiler spoiler )

I overall enjoyed the drama though. It's my top pick from the ones I decided to pick up last season (out of like 4 dramas XD). :Db

I'm still not done with "Koe Koi" and "Seisei Suruhodo, Aishiteru", but for the latter, I've decided to just drop it... :( Sorry, Tackey and Emi! Although it irks me that once again, I'm not finishing something I started (it's been happening so often lately! huhuhu), it's just not my kind of drama, and I no longer have the patience to sit through a drama I don't enjoy. Forgive meeeeeeee ;_____;

This is exactly why I decided not to pick up Cain to Abel 2016 this season. I was kind of excited that Yamada (more excited for him actually, since he apparently has been asking for one for a longgg time XD) finally got his first romance role, but then the plot came out and I was like oh... ohhhhhh- 
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I watched the movie I think a few weeks back, and I loved it! :'D

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Well one thing's for sure, my expectations of the movie were pretty off. (lol)

Major spoilers cause I basically talk about what happened lolol )
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I can't find a way to describe how I feel after watching the latest JCD, but it's something along the lines of: as;fmpeojf[wqjfqodvlm3r0lkmcvkfskfw'aslc; ♥

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Basically me during and after the whole episode. :'D

Read more... (spoiler-ish? since i detail some scenes in the episode. hahah) )
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There's so many moments to love about this episode. SO MANY ♥

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I finally watched the Nazotoki movie! \o/

About damn time. XD Spoiler ahead! )


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